My vacations in Juliantla……

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Wendy Figueroa from Anaheim Ca. wrote this Letter:

My Vacations in Juliantla

            My hands were shaking as I gripped the handles of my seat. I squirmed around uncomfortably, as more turbulence shook us. If there is one thing I hate more than the plane itself, it was the turbulence. As the plane slowly calmed down, I dared open the window. Land! Finally we got off and I felt the dazed expression on my face. My legs felt worn out although I hadn’t done any walking in three hours, but that’s probably why. I was overjoyed to be in Mexico. I felt as if greeting an old friend. 

            I breathed in and out and felt a breeze on my face. I saw my reflection and I no longer looked pale, thank goodness. We were quick about getting our things and we went to the front of the airport and I saw my grandma, aunt, uncle, and small cousin, Jessie, with her little sister, parking in the airport parking. After being happily reunited again, I smiled and felt my heart sigh with relief. I was going home. 

            In the car I exchanged happy glances with Jessie, who was only three and I could tell she had absolutely no clue who she was sitting next to. I felt sad, for she was only 18 months old the first time I saw here, which was over two years ago. 

            I looked around and felt the crisp, fresh air. I had never breathed like this before. I looked out the car window and felt astonished as I saw the emerald horizon filled with trees, mountains lay untouched by humans, never had I seen such a rich environment.

            I noticed Jessie had a gloomy expression on her face. Probably carsick and tired, we had something in common. Her head lay between her short little legs. I also noticed her perfectly crafted little curls around her head. I decided it was going to be a long ride, so I decided to make friends. We all instantly bonded and played the entire two hours back to my grandparent’s house. 

            After the car stopped, I was bewildered. Everything in Juliantla remained the same. I got out of the car and ran down to my grandparent’s house. Everything was still in the same position. Although no one was home, my grandpa and aunt were probably going to be home soon. I could feel that this house was probably full of good times.  My grandma opened the door and we ran inside. It was wonderful. I was finally home. Then I heard footsteps galloping down stairs, Cristian! Our beloved seven year old cousin! “Primas!” We all ran over and gave him a hug! He was the same age as my little sister and was always eager to greet us. How I’d missed that troublemaker. 

            My parents were already outside, pulling out chairs to the patio. It was great. I went into the room we were going to be staying in.  I saw Cristian who was already making plans to show us around town. And we were off on our next adventure… 


                        Wendy Figueroa

~ by Dirección General on March 26, 2006.

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